Our mission is to inspire meaningful, measurable lasting change

We are a purpose-led agency representing a new generation of speakers dedicated to today's challenges including workplace wellbeing, mental health, diversity, leadership & the environment

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Handpicked speakers helping to make a difference

Speaker Buzz’s carefully curated roster of speakers focus on inspiring individuals and organisations to make positive changes and a difference to the world.​

These topics include wellbeing, mental health, resilience, confidence, creativity, diversity, entrepreneurship, leadership and the environment.

Headquartered in Edinburgh, we manage motivational speaker bookings around the globe. We are working with international brands and organisations, the corporate community, educational institutions and the third sector.

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Today's most important topics

Our speakers talk about the most important topics, issues and challenges we face today as organisations and individuals

Making an impact

Thoughts, opinions and how Speaker Buzz are changing the dynamic of public speaking and motivational talks.

Native New Yorker-turned-UK-dweller Rupal Patel knows a thing or two about the power of storytelling in leadership. Since making her...
Opinion 20 May 2022 Debbie Byers
With today’s International Women’s Day celebrations, it’s a good time for your organisation to reflect on how long it takes to make lasting change.
Opinion 8 Mar 2022 Speaker Buzz
Why is the menopause an elephant-sized issue so many organisations are afraid to address?
Opinion 11 Oct 2021 Speaker Buzz


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We’ve worked with companies both small and large providing inspiring speakers for a variety of different events.

Anderson Strathearn
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