A great talk can change lives

Debbie Byers Posted on December 16, 2018 in Blog

At Speaker Buzz, we focus on inspiration with impact and making a difference to people’s lives and the world – but how do our speakers define this?

JoJo Fraser, mental health campaigner, author and vlogger
“Having enough passion to work hard to fight for what you believe in and in return help others. Making a lot of noise, but the right kind of noise. There is a lot of darkness in the world. Be the light. We need more light.

“A great talk can change lives. It can wake us up so our passion doesn’t just burn, it blazes. This type of passion is impossible to ignore. This type of passion changes lives and saves them too.”
John Hatfield, communication specialist & autism advocate
“By opening people’s minds, challenging their prejudices and raising the general level of empathy and compassion.”

Cal Major, veterinary surgeon, explorer and ocean advocate
“Making a difference is to make positive change for the greater good; it comes in many forms, and I think to be the most effective it has to be heartfelt and collaborative. The desire to make a difference is usually driven by a personal connection to the subject at hand.

​”Making a difference can be enormous, or something seemingly small, but even small and personal positive change can be a catalyst for far reaching movement, and I hope to help inspire and empower this through my speeches.”

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