With growing demand driven by companies looking to support employee wellbeing and a rise in international clients, we are delighted to announce the appointment of a non-executive director.
News 10 May 2021 Jim Byers
While Joe Biden’s inauguration as the US president is a sign of hope for many, the process of the presidential...
News 19 Jan 2021 Debbie Byers
In this guest blog, Gemma Sole, the director of School for CEOs, shares some findings from recent research into the psychological impact of COVID-19 on business leaders
News 21 Oct 2020 Gemma Sole
Not convinced by all this talk of inclusion and diversity in the workplace? Reckon it’s all ‘political correctness gone mad’...
News 2 Oct 2020 Debbie Byers
There is nothing like a pandemic for focusing attention on health issues. The Covid-19 virus has dominated our lives for...
News 22 Sep 2020 Debbie Byers
There is nothing like a pandemic for focusing our attention on health issues. But even as the Covid-19 virus has...
News 8 Mar 2020 Debbie Byers
We’re off to a flying start in 2020 with the news that the world-renowned women’s rights activist, athlete, mountaineer and...
News 14 Jan 2020 Debbie Byers

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