With today’s International Women’s Day celebrations, it’s a good time for your organisation to reflect on how long it takes to make lasting change.
Opinion 8 Mar 2022 Speaker Buzz
Why is the menopause an elephant-sized issue so many organisations are afraid to address?
Opinion 11 Oct 2021 Speaker Buzz
Gib Bulloch looks at the recent claims of a ‘toxic’ environment at craft beer giants BrewDog and the importance of good leadership and workplace wellbeing
Opinion 17 Jun 2021 Gib Bulloch
Women’s voices, opinions and contributions are still struggling to be heard in the business world
Opinion 8 Mar 2021 Debbie Byers
As the Covid death toll in the UK rises past 100,000, Sally Bee reflects on surviving five heart attacks and her near-death experiences
Opinion 2 Feb 2021 Sally Bee
James Gwinnett on how to reframe negative experiences, embrace challenges and set goals to improve mental resilience
Opinion 26 Jan 2021 James Gwinnett
I sit in a very privileged position whereby a lot of companies and their employees take me into their confidence...
Opinion 12 Jan 2021 Zoe Sinclair, owner of Employees Matter
Our new speaker Rupal Patel shares some of the insights on leadership she gained during her career in the intelligence services
Opinion 27 Aug 2020 Rupal Patel
What kind of physical and mental strength do you need to become the youngest woman in the world to ski...
Opinion 4 Nov 2019 Debbie Byers
First Minister’s focus on wellbeing in recent TED Talk is encouraging ​ Speaker Buzz was founded on the simple belief...
Media Release 4 Aug 2019 Debbie Byers
Wwe focus on inspiration with impact and making a difference to people's lives and the world – but how do our speakers define this?
Opinion 16 Dec 2018 Debbie Byers
Our speaker Alister Gray inspires people and organisations by encouraging positive behavioural changes. Here he looks at how to use language and words to transform your inner and outer world
Opinion 3 Dec 2018 Alister Gray

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