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Frequently Asked Questions

​For us, the difference in simple terms is that motivational speakers focus on using their expertise and experience to inspire change and make a difference to people’s lives and the world, whereas after-dinner speakers traditionally focus on entertaining audiences.

At Speaker Buzz, we specialise in representing a new generation of motivational speakers who are passionate about inspiring individuals and organisations to make positive changes that unlock potential and productivity, and make the world a better place.

Motivational speakers share remarkable stories and insights that energise audiences and inspire people to think differently and positively.

Hearing a truly great talk and seeing how someone has tackled a challenge can help people step back from the day-to-day challenges and re-charge their mindset which leads to improved performance and productivity.

​Firstly, determine your objectives for the event: who is it for (your audience) and what do you want it to achieve (aims and expectations).

Are you looking for inspiration, motivation, or simply entertainment? What challenges and topics do you want the talk to address? Do you want an issue-based talk by an expert; a kick-off speech to set the tone for other aspects of the event; or an inspiring story-led talk to conclude it?

Secondly, if it is an external ticketed event, decide if you need a particular sort of personality, particular professional expertise, or a ‘name’ in order to attract an audience.

Determining these elements will help us to find you a speaker with the right fit for your audience and their interests.

​An external speaker will deliver a different perspective to an internal speaker, add another dimension to your event, and offer a human connection that goes beyond your business/organisation. They are likely to stimulate curiosity and greater interest through their unique stories, professional experience and personal style.

The perspective of an external speaker can be enlightening and unexpected, and also non-partisan, which may be helpful in relation to your audience and/or the issue you may be highlighting through your event. They come without ‘internal baggage’ which means they can broach a subject in a fresh way.

Using an external speaker can also confer ‘stand-out’ status to your event, set its tone, and generate a bigger and more engaged audience.

​A good speaker will always be prepared to deliver a talk tailored to your brief, event and audience.

At Speaker Buzz we only work with speakers who provide bespoke talks, so if you choose to work with us, we will match you with a speaker whose talk will be tailor-made to address your brief and deliver on your event ambitions.

​Including a Q&A session as part of the speaker’s brief is a great way to build in more audience engagement. You will need to agree the length of time the Q&A would last and how the session would be managed in advance of the event.

​As well as tailor-made talks, our speakers can provide bespoke content for your marketing and communications channels to extend their impact; for example, a blog, video, white paper or social media posts.

Many of our speakers are also experienced in running workshops and hosting panel discussions, so it doesn’t always have to be a keynote address.

​To answer this question, you really need to drill down on ‘who is your event for?’ and ‘what do you want it to achieve?’.  At Speaker Buzz, our additional expertise across public relations and event management means we can help you with planning and determining what your event should, or could be, and create an exceptional experience based around a theme or a speaker.

​In most instances, the speaker or their agency would arrange travel. At Speaker Buzz, we can arrange travel and travel expenses will be applicable, we would negotiate these with the speaker on your behalf and advise you of the costs accordingly. We always discuss and agree travel expenses prior to the speaker being engaged, so you know exactly what costs will be in addition to the agreed speaking fee.

Why use Speaker Buzz.

​We’re different to other agencies because of our thematic focus – inspiration with impact – who we represent and how we operate.

We have a carefully curated roster of handpicked speakers who are exclusive to Speaker Buzz and we know all of them well. This means Speaker Buzz can offer a highly tailored and more personal service when matching a speaker to your requirements.

Our ethos is to represent a new generation of speakers – individuals who focus on inspiring change and addressing the challenges of modern life such wellbeing, mental health, the environment and climate change. All our speakers have engaging personal stories which they want to tell to encourage positive social, cultural and behavioural change in society.

Not only will you receive expertise in finding the right speaker for you, we also offer additional services such as PR and smaller workshop events that can add value to the whole event planning and promotion process. Using Speaker Buzz can help you maximise your investment in a speaker through support that will ensure you deliver an exceptional event.

All our speakers are motivational speakers who inspire change and make a difference to the world. Our handpicked roster includes adventurers, explorers, mental health campaigners, women’s rights advocates, green and market economy experts, experts on creativity and diversity and many more in between. See our full roster here –

​We work with international brands and organisations, the corporate community, educational institutions and the third sector. With an office in Edinburgh we manage speaker bookings across the UK and around the world.

​We work with you to create a concise brief for the speaker using a template that is simple to fill in. A good briefing ensures a better prepared speaker, and it’s a crucial aspect of guaranteeing the speaker’s delivery dovetails with the needs and aspirations of your event.

A big advantage of using a speaker agency, such as Speaker Buzz, is that we know all the relevant questions to ask, of both our clients and our speakers, to ensure the briefing covers everything it should and you get exactly what you want.

That wouldn’t be appropriate, but we can point you in the right direction.

​This is an area of expertise that we can offer, and we can provide a bespoke quote for this service depending on the brief.

The Costs.

​Professional speaker fees can vary depending on the person’s profile and the type of event, but typically, the costs of a motivational speaker in the UK can range between £2k-£20k. Above £10k usually reflects the fees commanded by sought-after individuals with a current media profile.

At Speaker Buzz our speaker fees typically range from £1.5k to £15k depending on the speaker and event requirements.

​Generally, the fees for a speaker relate to their profile, experience, and popularity. Bear in mind that a less expensive speaker may be just as professional, entertaining and effective as those at a higher fee level.

Speaker fees are based on a number of factors. These include the time commitment, location and required travel, who and how many people they may be speaking to, and any additional input and activities the client requires.

The amount of preparation work the speaker needs to undertake to deliver a bespoke talk fitted to your specific requirements may also affect the fee.

​A motivational speaker can create a buzz for your event, build its credibility, boost attendance and deepen engagement, all of which can have a significant impact on the success of your event.

You’ll benefit from their unique personality, distinctive perspective and focus on human connection. Their energy, inspiration and positivity can bring people together, inspire action, and even kick-start business initiatives – they can be a catalyst for new thinking and innovation.

Investing in a speaker also conveys a message about how you value and respect your audience, which for employees can be an important demonstration of your commitment to their development and wellbeing.

​In addition to the speaker’s fee, you would be expected to pay any reasonable travel, accommodation and subsistence fees.

​You should bear in mind that every event will have its own specifications that may incur additional costs, for example a PA system, microphones, etc., for the delivery of the talk.

Booking a speaker with Speaker Buzz.

1. Contact us
– Fill in our online Contact/enquiry form which you’ll find on this website;
– Or call us on 0131 357 4359 or email us on

2. Selecting the speaker
– You might know exactly who you want from our roster and we can take things from there;
– Or we’ll talk through your requirements and aspirations, and help you choose someone with the right fit for your event objectives.
– We will then create a proposal document for you to review

3. Contract agreement
– We’ll talk through our terms of business and ensure everything is clear before you sign a contract agreement which confirms your booking.

​Many speakers are in-demand individuals, juggling their speaking arrangements with a busy work/life schedule. If you are looking to book a specific individual it is recommended that you give as much notice as possible. Generally, however, 3-6 months is a good timeframe.

At Speaker Buzz we do not have a minimum notice period, and we work to be as responsive as possible, so we will try to match a speaker to your event at relatively short notice if need be.

​If you use Speaker Buzz you will pay the fee at least a month prior to the event, or immediately, if the event is taking place within the next 30 days. We hold the speaker fee in our client account and pay it to the speaker following the event.

​The contract agreement is between you and Speaker Buzz and details the Terms of Business specific to your requirements/event. It covers the speaker services we will provide, confidentiality, copyright, acceptance, costs, payment, cancellation, data protection, health and safety and applicable law. Once you have signed these terms your booking is confirmed.

​Yes, you can. Most of our speakers are happy to undertake international engagements and we are experienced in organising this type of arrangement. In addition to the speaker’s fee, travel and accommodation expenses will need to be negotiated.

​Contact us as soon as possible. We will work to re-negotiate the date with your chosen speaker, or if they cannot accommodate the change, help you find someone else suitable for your requirements.

​We understand that this can happen and our Terms of Business give clear guidance on cancellation, and any fee that will be incurred. We will discuss this thoroughly with you when a contract is being agreed.

A speaker pulling out is very unlikely – Speaker Buzz speakers are committed professionals who take their speaking engagements very seriously. However, should unforeseen circumstances necessitate your chosen speaker having to pull out, we would do our utmost to find a suitable replacement.

Planning and marketing a speaker event.

Within our Terms of Business we highlight the need to be aware of information that might be confidential, or of a commercially sensitive nature, and we agree social media on an event by event basis.

Generally, however, we would encourage you to promote the speaker through your communications channels. We would welcome a mention of Speaker Buzz in relation to your speaker booking!

​Yes, it does – the additional fees are subject to what kind of content is being created – for example, a series of branded social posts, internal magazine interview, video or a blog piece.

​Prior permission from Speaker Buzz must be obtained if you wish to conduct any audio and video recordings of The Speaker, or reproduce or transmit a recording in any form.

Speaker Buzz would also like access to recorded materials so it can use this in the promotion of its speaker across its marketing and business development channels.


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