From CIA to CEO – discover leadership and mindset tips in Rupal Patel’s inspirational new book!

From CIA to CEO – discover leadership and mindset tips in Rupal Patel’s inspirational new book!

Debbie Byers Posted on May 20, 2022 in Blog

Native New Yorker-turned-UK-dweller Rupal Patel knows a thing or two about the power of storytelling in leadership.

Since making her career transition from the high-stakes life of a CIA agent to become a successful serial entrepreneur, Rupal has inspired thousands of business leaders across the globe by sharing her invaluable insights and hard-won experience.

Now, in her brand new book From CIA to CEO, she lifts the lid on the signature techniques and skills she honed while ‘in the field’, showing how people can use the CIA mindset to reach their personal and professional potential as leaders.

Due for publication on 26 May by Heligo Books, the book sheds fascinating light on Rupal’s journey from espionage to the boardroom and includes unconventional life lessons for thinking bigger, leading better and being bolder.

Described by her publisher as an “ops manual and one-of-a-kind tradecraft manual for leaders and entrepreneurs”, the book outlines the unique skills Rupal honed as a female field agent in the “high-stakes, alpha-male world of the CIA”, including Profiling and Situational Awareness.

Full of indispensable leadership tools and tips, it demonstrates how readers can harness the CIA techniques to reinforce their self-belief and flourish in the business world.

One of our most sought-after speakers, Rupal has been invited to speak all over the world, covering topics including resilience and self-belief, leadership, entrepreneurship and diversity and inclusion.

In her talks, Rupal explores key tools to help teams to think bigger, lead better, and be bolder such as:

  • Crushing the inner critic that keeps individuals and their ideas small (how to kill business as usual)
  • Cultivating ignorance to think bigger and let new ideas thrive
  • Focusing on the WHY: helping clients reconnect with their purpose –> leading the client not just letting them lead you
  • Creating a collaborative culture that celebrates failure in the pursuit of excellence: “fail fast and fail often” is the entrepreneurial way
  • Getting comfortable with discomfort –> thinking, talking, and behaving differently won’t always be easy, but the toughness will be worth it
  • Rewriting the rules of success to become unstoppable – shaking up the status quo and challenging stale convention



You can buy From CIA to CEO by Rupal Patel in paperback from Thursday 26 May, RRP £14.99.

It will also be available as an e-book and in audio format.                                                                      

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