How can battling jellyfish benefit your business?

How can battling jellyfish benefit your business?

Speaker Buzz Posted on September 23, 2022 in Blog

Imagine the superhuman levels of resilience required to swim in the sea for several hours a day battling jellyfish, cold water and constant fatigue.

Then imagine you had to do that every day for 90 days.

That’s the almost incomprehensible challenge 22-year-old Jasmine Harrison is currently conquering every day as she reaches the end of an epic 900-mile swim along the coast of the UK from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

When she completes this extreme swim, Jasmine will become the only woman in the world to have accomplished the challenge.

Now imagine if your organisation and your teams could adopt just some of that remarkable resilience to help tackle challenging circumstances.

From the ongoing fallout from the pandemic, adapting to new hybrid ways of working, the cost of living crisis… it’s natural your employees are feeling anxious and unsure about the future – and about their ability to handle what life throws at them.

When she returns to dry land in October, Jasmine – and many of our other speakers – can help your organisation and people become more resilient.

Whether it’s a one-off talk, a series of workshops or a long-term programme of support over several months, she can share her remarkable experiences from her swim to show how others can develop an ‘anything is possible’ mindset and an inner ‘bounce-back-ability’ to overcome challenges.

She can also share insights from becoming – at the age of just 21 – the youngest woman in the world to row 3,000 miles solo across the Atlantic.

Audiences will learn how they can use her example to tackle their own personal challenges, as well as decision-making under pressure, how to inspire others and bolster their resilience and self-belief.

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