Meet the speaker who can make your teams feel “engaged, inspired and energised”

Meet the speaker who can make your teams feel “engaged, inspired and energised”

Speaker Buzz Posted on July 21, 2022 in Blog

As companies and individuals alike grapple with the challenges of adapting to a post-pandemic world, employee health and wellbeing is, rightly, centre stage in forward-thinking organisations.

And for Edrington UK, booking Speaker Buzz speaker and Radio 1 presenter Stuart Sandeman to deliver a wellbeing workshop on the transformative power of breathwork at their recent staff conference in Glasgow proved a masterstroke.

After an ‘absolutely incredible’ interactive session which staff feedback rated as the ‘standout favourite’ of the day, Edrington UK employees left feeling ‘engaged, inspired and energised’ by what Stuart had shared about the way better breathing can help tackle stress, boost physical and mental health, and overcome a negative mindset.

And Edrington UK Managing Director, Mark Riley, was so impressed at how Stuart’s workshop ‘blew everybody away’ that he urged all staff to rush out and buy a copy of Stuart’s new book and claim it on their expenses!  Breathe In, Breathe Out launches 21 July and is already an Amazon bestseller.

Edinburgh-born and now London-based Stuart, a former banker and Scottish judo champion, came to breathwork through personal tragedy after losing his girlfriend to cancer. He was trained by legendary ice swimmer Wim Hof of the recent BBC series Freeze the Fear and has helped thousands of people transform their lives – simply by changing the way they breathe.

 As well as running popular live-stream sessions on Instagram, he presents the Decompression Session on BBC Radio 1.

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