Is your organisation talking about menopause in the workplace?

Is your organisation talking about menopause in the workplace?

Speaker Buzz Posted on August 26, 2022 in Blog


Around 14 million working days lost to menopause symptoms in a year* across the UK, so it is a business imperative for all employers to do whatever they can to support women going through this inevitable life stage and help them thrive.

With Menopause Awareness Month coming up in October, this is the perfect time to explore how you can best support your female employees and promote better understanding about the menopause throughout your organisation.

Breaking the taboo around discussing menopausal issues in the workplace not only enhances diversity, inclusion, employee welfare and job satisfaction but also ensures greater staff retention. A staggering 370,000 menopausal employees contemplated resigning across the UK in 2019.

Making menopause a priority topic

It’s estimated there are five million women aged 40-55 in the UK workplace, of whom around 80% will experience menopause symptoms that can negatively affect their performance and career potential. With women over 50 reported to be by far the fastest growing group in the UK economy, employers need to make raising awareness of menopause a priority.

Our speaker, Nicki Williams, founder of Happy Hormones for Life and an award-winning nutritionist, author, speaker, and women’s health expert, has helped hundreds of organisations support female employees before, during and after menopause.

After experiencing low energy, brain fog, stress, and mood swings in her early 40s, Nicki only realised she was peri-menopausal when she had her hormones properly tested. She discovered she could transform her health through diet, lifestyle, and targeted supplements – and so dramatic were the results that she quit her corporate career and re-trained as a nutritionist and female health expert.

Passionate about using her own journey to help others, Nicki tackles topics such as:

  • menopause in the workplace
  • how to sleep better and improve performance at work
  • stress management and reducing absenteeism
  • food for the brain that improves focus and concentration
  • how gut health affects wellbeing

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*Research published by Health & Her in April 2019.

Is your organisation ready to talk about the menopause?

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