Speakers for International Women’s Day & beyond

Speakers for International Women’s Day & beyond

Speaker Buzz Posted on February 23, 2023 in Blog

Enlightened 21st-century organisations know that to get the best results they need to foster a truly inclusive working culture where female and male employees have equal opportunities to thrive and achieve their potential. 

But how do you make that a reality? With International Women’s Day around the corner, how do you ensure women feel comfortable articulating their views and what’s the best way to celebrate their achievements, especially in sectors that have been traditionally male dominated?  

Call upon the expertise of those who have made workplace equity their life’s work and see how Speaker Buzz can match your organisation with exactly the right person.  

Whether it’s for an impactful talk around International Women’s Day (IWD) itself, a series of employee learning sessions or a tailored programme of support for your business over several months, our varied line-up of inspiring and experienced speakers is guaranteed to help you meet your organisational goals.   

Among the IWD core missions are forging inclusive work cultures, which is meat and drink to Lauren Currie OBE, one of our most in-demand speakers. Lauren founded her leadership and coaching start-up UPFRONT as a direct result of her experiences being the only woman speaker at conferences and has made boosting women’s confidence in a business environment her guiding principle, with her Speaker Buzz sessions sharing the definitive guide to building an organisational culture of confidence and bravery. 

Shining a spotlight on uplifting and inspiring women is another key IWD mission and CIA agent-turned-CEO Rupal Patel fits this brief to a tee. Rupal’s inspiring leadership approach re-purposes the techniques and skills she honed in the field to help individuals and teams think bigger, lead better and be bolder. Hailed as a ‘Power Woman’ by Harper’s Bazaar, Rupal can help anyone thrive in the world of business and has worked with top-tier organisations and conferences all over the world, from Virgin to AB InBev to SuperReturn.  

Helping female employees make informed choices about their health is high on the IWD agenda and Speaker Buzz wellbeing expert Nicki Williams is the perfect person to champion this with your business. Founder of Happy Hormones for Life, author of ‘It’s Not You, It’s Your Hormones’ and an award-winning nutritionist, Nicki assists companies in supporting female employees before, during and after menopause.  


IWD prizes celebrating female athletes and their achievements, and they don’t come much more inspirational than double world record-holding Yorkshirewoman Jasmine Harrison. Jasmine will blow people away with a first-hand account of how at only 21 she became the youngest woman in the world to row solo 3,000 miles across the Atlantic, in 2022 (aged 23) she netted her second world record after she swam the length of Great Britain from Land’s End to John O’Groats – that’s 900 miles, or 58,000 lengths of a 25m pool!  

These are just a few of dozens of captivating and impactful speakers we can pair your organisations with to help nurture and sustain an inclusive culture at work – talk to us today and find out how we can work together.  


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