What can the corporate world learn from football…and how can football tackle homelessness?

What can the corporate world learn from football…and how can football tackle homelessness?

SpeakerBuzz Posted on March 21, 2024 in Blog

One man, Mel Young OBE has been a long-term advocate of ending homelessness and was so passionate about the role global society must play that he co-founded The Homeless World Cup. Using the universal language of football to inspire people, the annual tournament has been running since 2003 and now has a global network of almost 70 member countries. 

The tournament has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of its participants, their families, the communities in which they live and the organisations that have chosen to support them. Netflix have even created a movie based on the story – The Beautiful Game – which will be released on 29 March 2024. 

In Mel’s talks he discusses: 

  • That we all need to have true purpose and understand what we’re striving towards 
  • Being part of positive impact further drives the ambition for social change 
  • It’s not just the end goal, it’s the training and work ethic to get there 
  • Good leadership comes from positive inspiration and inclusion  

It’s important that each of our speakers have authentic and lived experiences. Many have a shared desire to eradicate homelessness including Gail Porter and David Duke MBE who are part of The Royal Foundation’s: Homewards campaign as well as also the award-winning academic and author Katriona O’Sullivan who has journeyed from extreme poverty. 

Each use their personal stories, experiences and learning to provide inspiration with impact.

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