With a surge in online events, motivational speaker agency expands roster with former CIA intelligence officer and serial entrepreneur

With a surge in online events, motivational speaker agency expands roster with former CIA intelligence officer and serial entrepreneur

Debbie Byers Posted on July 29, 2020 in Blog

Following a surge in online events, motivational speaker agency Speaker Buzz has expanded its roster of hand-picked speakers with the appointment of Rupal Patel, a former CIA intelligence officer and serial entrepreneur.

From war zones to boardrooms, New York-born and London-based Patel has often been the only woman in ultra-high-octane, Alpha-male environments.  After a thrilling career at the CIA, she moved to London and started her first business venture almost 10 years ago.

Using the spy-craft techniques learned at the CIA and her experiences as an entrepreneur, Patel talks about identity-driven leadership. Her insights help new and seasoned leaders, especially female entrepreneurs, delve deep into their identity so they can leverage their unique strengths, uncover any blind spots, and become better, more effective, and more fulfilled in the process.

Patel’s ‘top-secret’ lessons are invaluable for founders and leaders who want off-the-beaten-path insights into starting, scaling, and super-charging their businesses around a core ‘mission’ purpose, and she will leave audiences armed with the espionage ‘tradecraft’ needed to lead better and live better.

Edinburgh-based Speaker Buzz now represents 30 speakers across the UK and also in Dubai, who all have a mission to make a positive change in society and a difference to the world.  Its roster of speakers address the challenges faced in modern life – from mental health and wellbeing, to diversity and inclusion and the environment.

With events and conferences cancelled at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has pivoted to offer online motivational talks and has seen a surge in interest from clients around the world.

Debbie Byers, founder of Speaker Buzz, said: “Rupal Patel has a fascinating and prestigious background working with the CIA and also as an experienced entrepreneur. We are excited to represent her as an inspirational speaker and believe she can create some serious impact with the audiences she engages with as she is passionate about inspiring leaders to be more purposeful in their goals.

“We have been working hard to adapt to the significant changes created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic but have experienced a growing demand from international organisations wanting to motivate and inspire their employees and clients online.  Now is the time to focus on the mental and emotional welfare of the global workforce and we are proud of the speakers we represent that focus so much on the challenges we all face in the current climate.”

Speaking on her appointment, Rupal Patel said:  “I’m thrilled to be working with the Speaker Buzz team. We are naturally aligned in our “Inspiration with Impact” philosophy, and I’m looking forward to delivering my tough-love, inner “badass”- unleashing talks to more audiences of leaders and founders around the world.”

Speaker Buzz represents speakers including TV personality and mental health campaigner Gail Porter, mountaineer and explorer Mollie Hughes who earlier this year became the youngest woman in the world to ski solo to the South Pole and former Scotland rugby captain John Barclay, who all help inspire individuals and organisations to make positive changes and a difference to the world.

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